Short Wave Rodeo

by Diesel & Dixie

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Two years in the making, this debut album is resetting the bar for rock n' roll!


released March 20, 2012

Swamp Fox - Hot Steel
Boar Lord - Laser Scream
Bear Chief - Hittin' Shit



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Diesel & Dixie Austin, Texas

In an age where the music world is awash with bands more concerned with connecting through facebook than their music, Diesel and Dixie stampedes right over those lame asses. If you're in the mood for an old school auditory ass kickin' your best bet is to seek out, with all your strength, whatever you can get your hands on from Diesel & Dixie! ... more

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Track Name: Jaw Gone
This time around
I ain't coming down
Off the top of this pedestal
'Cause I'm a loaded gun
It's a hit and run
I ain't playing by your rules

Just 'cause you hear some music
Doesn't mean the band's still playing your tune
You best watch what you are saying
'Cause me and the boys are watching your every move

Don't you know what you got yourself into

Black blood, blue eyes
It's one hell of a party, we're all getting slaughtered
Two guns, one fight
Think to much about it and you'll become the martyr
Hold on, sit tight
Hey pops I'm sorry I just slept with your daughters

You got nowhere to run
Best be awake for that setting sun
'Cause when the fight's been
Brought to your door
You better believe you're the one we're looking for
Track Name: Arkansas Toothpick
Gather up the horses
Let's send out the boys
Gather around the fire
For our stories of war
You know you see it coming
When you're stabbed in the heart
That Arkansas toothpick is razor-sharp

You know what you are getting
When you ask for me
This war is just beginning
I'm gonna set you free
Now dont get offended
'Cause boy you gotta learn
This Arkansas toothpick
Is sincerely gonna hurt

We all know how it feels to chase the gold
Bust don't be fooled by them stories of old
I know the wound is deep 'cause I cut you with aim
Gotta fight together, boy, it's the only way
Track Name: Grandma's Jam
Grandma, well she sent me a letter
Said strawberries was in season
I headed up and out the door
'Cause I don't need another reason
Finally made it down to the swamp
Down in Louisiana
For her jam it was nothing to ride
All the way from Texarkana

Well I had my fill
She said "I've taken ill,
and my recipe's now yours"
Sure as I stand, she slapped in my hand
Her old revolving .44
"If you see a yank,
Don't hesitate,
Shoot him down cold as stone
'Cause my jam's made from strawberries
And blue-blood's bones"

I was shaking like a leaf
Snuck up behind a man named Jim Vancleef
I dropped him to the ground, y'all
Grandma sure would've been proud
I followed that recipe to the letter
And everyday that jam tastes better
Track Name: Hatfields vs McCoys
I was on the floor just makin' a move
In walked a girl that nobody knew
Long black hair, legs for miles
She was built for speed with a devil's smile

Last night I met met Betsy Jean
Prettiest thighs I ever seen
She walked in, the music stopped
I asked, "What are you having?"
She said, "Fire on the rocks"

Hey McCoy, I met the girl of my dreams
THis Hatfield's gonna make her scream
She ain't like those other queens
Burning hot, she's my Betsy Jean

Hey Hatfield, I know what you mean
I know a girl that'll make you cream
There's one thing that you can't see
She'll never be your Betsy Jean

Boys best look out
Boys best be careful
You think you found love
You think you found love

Betsy Jean's my southern belle
Touch her boy, you're going straight to hell

Listen son, you don't wanna brawl with me
Another dead son is all your ma needs
Track Name: Sum Up This Life
The rear view mirror's where I'm lookin'
Thinking it'll show me what I could've been
The CB holds my only friends
I think it's time to drive that lonely road again

I'm running out of road I hadn't traveled
Running out of reasons just to stay gone
There's not much left to believe in
'Cause this old truck is all I've ever known

Now it's Friday night and I should feel alive
But I'm barely getting by
So many times I've been out of line
And caught up in a lie
These are the days I should've erased
But they're hanging over me
To sum up this life, would it be a waste of time?
I wonder if I'll ever be free

I'm always the one that's leaving town
I doubt if anyone remembers me
I'm tired of saying I don't need anyone
All this searching has left me empty

This rain reminds me of the tears I hide
Knowing I hardly make it home
It's time to scrape myself up again
'Cause nothing's set in stone

Being kicked around is all I've ever known
It's time to stop living life on my own
I'm hanging up the keys on this last load
'Cause my heart just ain't in the haul no more

Now it's Friday night and I feel alive
No more barely getting by
So many times I've been out of town
But I'm staying in tonight
The is the way to sleep in late
With my baby next to me
To sum up this life - it's no disguise
It's the perfect way to be
Track Name: Iron Herd
I'm all that's left of a town a thousand strong
The legend of horror on that moonless night
I'm here to pass on

The soullessness of a pitch black desert night
Brings beast of fury with no god in sight
No weapon can stop them, there's no way to fight
You can only hide or run and pray for sunlight

Was about midnight, we hear a rumblin' so deep
Sounded like a stampeding herd of iron beasts
Some ran for the church, others grabbed their guns
Not knowing there wouldn't be a one of them left
When it was all done

Hell on two wheels
All that you fear
Comin' to kill
(Called the iron herd)
You best beware
Your worst nightmare
Is still out there
(Called the iron herd)

'Bout 2 a.m. all you could hear
Were screams and blood in the streets
Not one of those town folk had escaped the beasts
Silence was enough to chill a man made of stone
Without a trace and with a thousand dead
That herd kept movin' on

(Well, mister - if everyone was slaughtered,
How the hell did you make it out alive?...)
Track Name: Twist The Tigers Tale
John Henry Holliday
Could shoot a rattlesnake
Through the eyes
At a thousand yards away

He was a gambling man
Doc twist' the tiger's tail
He once played for three days straight
Winning every single hand

Heavy drinking in his eyes
Another dead man lying by his side

I played sixteen hands today
I know my sins ain't washed away
I best copper up these bets
So I can pay the Lord my debts

Old Doc Holliday was quick on the draw
No time to aim that gun
When you're running form the law
When all the cards are dealt
And all the dust is gone
You bet the devil, son, and his name is John

Draw quick
Shoot fast
Better hope you don't shoot last
Track Name: Georgia Overdrive
Two shots and I'm on the run
No place to hide my gun
Almost to the edge of town
Jailhouse is where I'm bound

Two shots and I'm on the run
No place to hide my gun
Almost to the edge of town
I'm headed for the owl

This is the Georgia overdrive
We'll make it to the other side
These brakes won't keep us alive
This is the Georgia overdrive